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Aqzelblu offers friendly, professional and efficient racket restringing services. We provide our customers with quick turnaround times, professional advice and great prices. When discussing your racket needs, we will consider all factors as we believe that choosing your strings and accessories are as important as selecting the right racket.

Our service is Bristol-based, so whether you’d like to drop your racket with us, have it collected & delivered in Bristol and surrounding areas or post it to us from wherever you are in the UK, it’s your choice.

Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll be more than happy to arrange this with you.

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The Sergetti® stringing process enhances the sweet spot size to the full usable surface of the tennis racquet.

We are an official Sergetti® reseller. Please get in touch to purchase your personalized tension sheet through us.


the importance of restringing your racket

When and why should you restring your racket?

Broken strings on tennis racket

Apart from the obvious reason, which would be a broken string, you should also check for elements of wearing on your strings. 

Strings break down over time due to overuse and exposure to the elements, which gives it that “dead” feeling…meaning a loss in playability.

Does weather affect your strings? The short answer is YES. Strings will be softer and livelier in warmer climates and stiffer in cooler climates.

Strings instantly lose their tension once played with, so the more you play, the more quickly your strings will lose tension or break. Your strings will also lose tension if they are not played with, known as static tension loss.

After repeated hitting, strings are susceptible to notching. Notching refers to an incision on the string that causes it to become thinner, and that will ultimately lead to the string breaking. When you have these notches on the string, it does not stretch or snap back.

As a minimum, we recommend restringing your racket at least every 6 months for those recreational players. If you’re a more active player, playing a few times per week, we recommend restringing regularly by assessing your game to check if your strings are still being effective.

Your strings are the ‘heart’ of your racket and are vital to its performance!


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Dan Tonkin
Dan Tonkin
08:01 21 May 21
Great knowledge about the benefits of the different types of strings and what they will give you. Very reasonable price... and I received my rackets back very quickly. I will be using this service more
Alexander Clark
Alexander Clark
06:31 21 May 21
High quality stringing service. Plenty of strings to pick from and offers good advice on choosing a string.Highly... recommend this service!read more
Matt Shelper
Matt Shelper
18:56 20 May 21
Mike is incredibly helpful and insightful when it comes to stringing tennis rackets. He always takes the time to... discuss how you want to play, what you want to achieve and your circumstances. Plus he is a thoroughly nice chap, which always helps. I’ll continue to use Mike when it comes to stringing my rackets!!read more
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