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Our Racket Restringing Service

When it comes to strings, we have a great selection for all styles of play to include with our racket restringing service. 

Whether you are a hard hitter, looking for power or control or loving that topspin, we can help you find your ideal string. 

Book a restring with us!

  • Restrung tennis racket after completing a restringing service
  • Restrung badminton racket after completing a restringing service
  • Restrung squash racket after completing a restringing service
  • Blue tennis racket grip
  • Replaced grip and repaired endcap


We pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

When you need a racket restring…we’ll get it done!

Step 1 – Choose a string to suit your game style and budget. Check out our ‘Helpful Guides‘ section.

Step 2 – Select the delivery method (Visit us, Collect & Deliver or Postal service).

Step 3 – Contact us to book your racket restring.

What our racket restringing service includes

Rackets will be inspected upon receipt and cleaned thoroughly.

Stringing carried out with your chosen string.

Logo ink stencilling (Only applied if preferred).

Free elastic band for vibration dampening (Only supplied if preferred).

2 x Teflon tubing/grommet pieces if required (Protects your strings from rubbing on the frame if you have broken grommets).

Your freshly strung racket will then be packaged up, ready for you to go out on court and feel like a pro!

Head electronic racket stringing machine.
We use an electronic stringing machine for more precision.

Stocking a wide range of tennis, badminton, squash & racketball strings from brands like Yonex, Babolat, Tecnifibre, Ashaway, Wilson, Head, Solinco, Luxilon and more.

Prices of a restring (service+string) will depend on the type of string you’d like, but generally prices range from £18 – £26 (with the exception of a few).

If you’re not sure on the type of string that best suits your needs, then please get in touch for a consultation.

If you wish to provide your own string, you will only pay our stringing service fee:

Tennis, Badminton, Squash & Racketball – £13

Ask us about our additional products such as rackets, shoes, balls and apparel.

We offer grip replacements, grommet repairs, grip enlargements and end-cap repairs.

Want your equipment to be in the best possible condition before you get back out on court?

We inspect every racket before we restring it and will advise you on areas that may need to be repaired or replaced.

It’s a common occurance to find that when buying 2 or more of the same racket frames, they will most likely be different.

We offer racket matching and customisation for those players looking to match 2 or more rackets or if you’re looking to customise a racket to suit your preferences. We can measure, check and alter your rackets’ weight, balance, swingweight and grip size.

Give your strings a personalised look with custom logo ink stencilling.


*You can either send us your artwork (basic designs work best) or we can suggest some ideas (e.g. stencil on your initials).

  • Badminton racket strung with custom logo.
  • Squash racket strung with custom logo.
  • Badminton racket strung with custom logo.
Racket stringing delivery service van

Our delivery methods

Option 1: Visit us to drop & collect your racket.

Option 2: £9 – We collect & deliver to you (Within a 10 mile radius of our location).

Option 3: £12 – We collect & deliver to you (Within a 15 mile radius of our location).

*Option 4: £15 – Post us your racket…it’s easy!

*Within mainland UK only. *Please note that when posting your rackets, any requested insurance will be at an additional cost. *Price will vary depending on the amount of rackets you post.

  1. We’ll post you all the packaging you need.
  2. Wrap up your racket in the packaging provided which will include a pre-paid label (next-day delivery).
    • For a quicker turnaround and if you have the appropriate packaging, then go ahead and post us your racket.
  3. Drop off your racket at your nearest Evri store (Find your nearest ParcelShop).
  4. We’ll restring your racket and post it back to you (next-day delivery).

Book your racket for a restring

Please contact us if you would like to book your racket for a restring or to discuss your specific requirements.

helpful guides to choosing a string

Types of Strings

Synthetic Strings
Nylon (Sythetic Gut / Multifilament)

Developed to try and bring synthetic strings closer to the playability of natural gut. This makes it a great choice when you’re looking for a string with great overall playability, affordability and durability. Basic synthetic gut strings are a solid choice for beginners and casual players.

Although, when looking for more power and comfort, we recommend trying out a nylon multifilament string instead. Nylon multifilament strings offer reduced shock and vibrations, which makes it arm friendly.


As one of the most popular strings, a co-poly string is known for its durability, spin and control. This makes co-poly strings an excellent option for hard hitters who tend to break strings easily and for those players from an intermediate to advanced level.

*Not recommended for juniors, beginners or players that suffer from arm injuries.

Aramid (Kevlar)

The most durable string available, Kevlar is a very stiff string which makes it the least comfortable and least powerful strings.

*Not suitable for juniors or players that suffer from arm injuries.

Natural Gut

Looking for ultimate playability?…then natural gut remains the gold standard for power, comfort, feel and tension maintenance.

For those highly competitive players who are working on all aspects of their game, then a natural gut string might be an excellent fit for you.

*Ideally for indoor play.

Tensions, Gauges & Hybrid Stringing


To get the best performance out of your racket, then the tension you string at can make a significant difference to your game. The higher the tension, the less power and the more control you have, although decreases the sweet spot area. Lower tensions generate more power but also gives less control.

If you don’t know what tension to use, then the key here is to experiment with different tensions to find your preferred one.

String TensionPowerControlDurability  Feel  Comfort
LooserMoreLess MoreMoreMore
TighterLess MoreLessLessLess

As well as the composition of string, most strings are available in different gauges. The gauge signifies the thickness of the string. A string with a high gauge number is a thinner string and vice versa. Thinner strings generally offer higher performance (more spin and comfort) but are not as durable as thicker strings.

Tennis string gauges range from 15 to 18 but most players use 16 or 17 gauge. You will also see the letter L used such as 16L. The ‘L’ signifies ‘light’ which represents half a gauge size.

Badminton string gauges range mostly from 0.61mm to 0.70mm.

String GaugePowerDurabilitySpinFeelComfort
ThinnerMore LessMore More More 
Thicker Less More LessLessLess
Hybrid Stringing

A hybrid string setup is the use of two different strings in the mains and cross strings of a racket. The variation in strings can be as extreme or as subtle as you choose. When hybrid stringing, typically, the aim is to be getting the best out of both strings.

We have a variety of hybrid combinations to choose from, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

While we inspect and take special care when stringing each racket, we cannot be held responsible for any damages such as scratches, paint chips or cracks of any kind to any rackets.

We will not be held responsible for any damages incurred during the stringing process if a racket is strung outside of the maunfacturers recommended tension range. If requested, this will be at the owners risk.

We will not be held responsible for replacing / repairing any broken strings once your rackets have left our possession.

Payments are to be made by cash, card or bank transfer on or before collection / delivery of your rackets.

All pricing is subject to change without prior notice.

We will not be held liable for any loss / damages of any kind to any rackets / goods posted to / from our customers.