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Our Racket Restringing Service

When it comes to strings, we have a great selection for all styles of play to include with our racket restringing service. 

Whether you are a hard hitter, looking for power or control or loving that topspin, we can help you find your ideal string. 

Check out our packages for more!


Step 1 – Choose a package to suit your preferred string and budget.

Step 2 – Select the delivery method (Visit us, Collect & Deliver or Postal service).

Step 3 – Contact us to book your racket restring.

Step 1: our packages


In the process of providing a racket restringing service.
We use an electronic stringing machine for more precision.

What our racket restringing service includes

Rackets will be inspected upon receipt and cleaned thoroughly.

Stringing carried out with your chosen string.

Logo ink stencilling (Only applied if preferred).

Free elastic band for vibration dampening (Only supplied if preferred).

2 x Teflon tubing/grommet pieces if required (Protects your strings from rubbing on the frame if you have broken grommets).

Your freshly strung racket will then be packaged up, ready for you to go out on court and feel like a pro!

If you wish to provide your own string, you will only pay our stringing service price:

Tennis, Squash & Racketball – £11

Badminton – £12

15 Plus Package

Racket restringing service

Tennis String Choices

Power & Comfort
Babolat S-Gut £15.50
Prince S-Gut DF £17
Control, Spin & Durability
Apollo Pro Response Spin
(more spin)
Head Sonic Pro
(all round)
Diadem Flash
(more comfort)

18 Plus Package

Racket restringing service

Tennis String Choices

Power & Comfort
Head Velocity £19
Tecnifibre Multifeel £20
Gamma TNT2 £20.50
Control, Spin & Durability
Volkl Cyclone £18.50
Pro Red Code Wax
Diadem Solstice Power £19
Solinco Confidential /
Hyper-G / Tour Bite
Tecnifibre Black Code
(more comfort)

21 Plus Package

Racket restringing service

Tennis String Choices

Power & Comfort
Gamma Live Wire XP £21.50
Babolat Xcel £23.50
Control, Spin & Durability
Babolat RPM Blast £21
Tecnifibre Black Code 4S £21
Tecnifibre Razor Code £21.50

24 Plus Package

Racket restringing service

Tennis String Choices

Power & Comfort
Tecnifibre TGV £26.50
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase £28
Control & Comfort
Tecnifibre HDMX £24.50
Control, Spin & Durability
Luxilon Alu Power / Rough £24
Luxilon Element £24.50
Luxilon 4G £25

Hybrid Package

Racket restringing service

Tennis String Choices

All Rounder
Head Sonic Pro +
Prince S-Gut DF
Tecnifibre Black Code +
Diadem Evolution
Advanced Juniors
Solinco Tour Bite 19 +
Gamma TNT2
Diadem Solstice Power +
Gamma Glide
Luxilon Alu Power Rough
+ Babolat VS

Badminton Package

Racket restringing service

Badminton String Choices

Yonex BG65 £17.75
Yonex BG65Ti £18
Yonex Nanogy 95 £19
Yonex BG66 Ultimax £18.50
Yonex BG80 £18.75
Yonex Nanogy 98 £19.25
Yonex BG80 Power £19.50
Yonex BG66 Force £19.75
Yonex Aerosonic £20
Yonex Nanogy 99 £19.50
Yonex Aerobite / Boost £20.25
Yonex Skyarc £23

Squash Package

Racket restringing service

Squash String Choices

Tourna Extreme Power £15.50
Prince Lightning XX £18
Ashaway SuperNick XL £20.50
Ashaway SuperNick ZX £21.50
Tecnifibre 305 £21.50
Ashaway UltraNick 18 £22.50

Racketball Package

Racket restringing service

Racketball String Choices

Tourna Extreme Power £15.50
Head Megablast £17.50
Ashaway SuperKill XL £21.50

We have a wide selection of strings available. If you don’t see the string you’re looking for, please contact us for a price.

Donate your unused rackets and receive a 10% discount off your next restring.

*To qualify for your once-off 10% discount, we only accept graphite, titanium or composite rackets (no aluminium).

extra services

Why not give your racket a revamp? We offer extra services to give your racket a new lease of life!

*Prices include fitting

Overgrip – £1.95

Replacement grip – £2.95

Grommet replacements – £14

Grip enlargements (1/2 or 1 full grip size) – £4.95

End cap replacement or securing – Price on request

Protection tape – £1.95

Rubber grip band replacement – £1

Power Pads (Up to 4 Pieces) – £1.50

Give your strings a personalised look with custom logo ink stencilling


*You can either send us your artwork or we can suggest some ideas (e.g. we can stencil on your initials).

Ask us about our additional products such as rackets, shoes, balls and apparel.

Racket stringing delivery service van

Step 2: Our delivery methods

Option 1: Visit us to drop & collect your racket.

Option 2: £9 – We collect & deliver to you (Within a 10 mile radius of our location).

Option 3: £12 – We collect & deliver to you (Within a 15 mile radius of our location).

Option 4: £15 – Post us your racket…it’s easy!

*(Within mainland UK only).

  1. We’ll post you all the packaging you need (Royal Mail First Class).
  2. Wrap up your racket in the packaging provided which will include a pre-paid label (next-day delivery).
  3. Drop off your racket at your nearest Hermes store (Find your nearest ParcelShop – MyHermes).
  4. We’ll restring your racket and post it back to you (next-day delivery).

Step 3: Book your racket for a restring

Please contact us if you would like to book your racket for a restring or to discuss your specific requirements.

helpful guides

Types of Strings

Synthetic Gut (Nylon)

A good string choice if you’re looking for power, control and affordability.  This is a solid string for beginners and those casual players.

When looking for more comfort, we recommend trying out a multifilament string instead. If you’re looking for more control and spin, we recommend trying a poly string.


Multifilament strings were developed to try and bring synthetic strings closer to the playability of natural gut, which makes it a great choice when you’re looking for a string with great overall playability. This is an ideal string for power, high comfort and holds tension well.

Multifilament strings offer reduced shock and vibrations, which makes it arm friendly.

When looking for a more durable and affordable string, we recommend that you try using a synthetic gut string.

Poly & Co-poly

As one of the most popular strings, a poly string is known for its durability, spin and control. This makes poly strings an excellent option for hard hitters who tend to break strings easily and for those players from an intermediate level.

When looking for a poly string with a little more comfort, we recommend trying out a co-poly string.

Not recommended for players that suffer from arm injuries.

Natural Gut

This string remains the gold standard for power, comfort, feel and tension maintenance.

For those highly competitive players who are working on all aspects of their game, then a natural gut string might be an excellent fit for you.

Ideally for indoor play.

Tensions, Gauges & Hybrid Stringing


To get the best performance out of your racket, then the tension you string at can make a significant difference to your game. The higher the tension, the less power and the more control you have. Lower tensions generate more power but also have less control.

If you don’t know what tension to use, we recommend starting mid-way between your rackets recommended tension range. The key here is to experiment with different tensions to find your preferred one.

String TensionPowerControlDurability  Feel  Comfort
LooserMoreLess MoreMoreMore
TighterLess MoreLessLessLess

As well as the composition of string, most strings are available in different gauges. The gauge signifies the thickness of the string. A string with a high gauge number is a thinner string and vice versa. Thinner strings generally offer higher performance (more spin and comfort) but are not as durable as thicker strings.

Tennis string gauges range from 15 to 18 but most players use 16 or 17 gauge. You will also see the letter L used such as 16L. The ‘L’ signifies ‘light’ which represents half a gauge size.

String GaugeElasticityDurabilitySpinFeelComfort
ThinnerMore LessMore More More 
Thicker Less More LessLessLess
Hybrid Stringing

A hybrid string setup is the use of two different strings in the mains and cross strings of a racket. The variation in strings can be as extreme or as subtle as you choose. When hybrid stringing, typically, the aim is to be getting the best out of both strings.

We have a variety of hybrid combinations to choose from, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


While we take special care when stringing each racket, we cannot be held responsible for any damages such as scratches, paint chips or cracks.